27 October 2009


After floating from room to room (with my laptop and art supplies) during renovations the studio is finally finished and ready to be set up.

I can now work with much more elbow room and space to think.

23 October 2009

Golden Age

Putting things together for my 2010 exhibition, remembering and paying tribute to the long forgotten comic work of H. Fletcher. Should have a few teasers to post soon.

Until then, here are a few more prints now up at my redbubble site.


20 October 2009

One of a bunch of process prints I'm putting up at redbubble.

Knee-deep in preparations for the January exhibition I'm putting together. Should have some things to post up soon.

11 October 2009

October 17th

I'll be around at various points in the day/evening, with 2 pieces on display.

I won't be one of the artists giving a talk though, far too shy for those kinds of shenanigans.