27 May 2011

U.V.O. #1 (1/6 Operative)


New Webcomic Page Is Up

20 May 2011


Spent the last couple of hours painting some of the accessories for the U.V.O. custom toys for the exhibition. I think my brain's a bit confused as it spent the morning working in inks, afternoon painting, and evening focusing on toys. Time to give it a rest and dive back into it tomorrow.

Exhibition Promo (with sponsor logos)

17 May 2011

Artboy Interview

Click HERE to check out an interview from the latest episode of Good Game (featuring myself and others discussing the recent Artboy VS Fanboy exhibition at Artboy Gallery).


12 May 2011

3A Delivery

One of the things I'm most excited about with this exhibition is having 3A come on board as a sponsor. My workspace is full of 3A toys and Ashley Wood art/books, and these things are a constant source of inspiration for me as I work throughout the day/night. Today a package arrived in the post from 3A, containing 5 bodies that I'll be using as the basis for a series of custom toys as part of the exhibition.

This is going to be a lot of fun!


07 May 2011

Free Comic Book Day = Free Art

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day I've made The Lonely Hunter Volume 2 available as a free download. It doesn't feature any comic pages, but is full of various Leroy-related artwork. I'll keep it available for free until the end of FCBD. You can go to the download page by clicking on the below cover image.


06 May 2011

Exhibition T-Shirt

I'm going to be producing a limited edition t-shirt in the lead up to the Sept exhibition. I should have some more info soon regarding ordering info. Until then here's the current design I'm working with (it might change, again, this is the 3rd version I've put together already!)


04 May 2011

Exhibition Sponsorship

All sponsors for the exhibition are locked in, well ahead of time, which means I can spend the next few months focusing on the art side of things. It's great to be in this position as it can become very frustrating when, closer to an exhibition, your time gets derailed dealing with too much business. Osprey Skateboards have hooked me up with a stack of great skateboard decks which I'll be painting up for the "Night Raider" portion of the exhibition. White Rabbit are supplying a tonne of free beer for the opening in September.

I'm also incredibly excited to have 3A onboard, who are providing me with some of their amazing toys so I can produce some custom toys for the exhibition. 4PMART is a studio I run with my wife, and she'll be making the 1/6 scale clothing for the custom toys.

More info and art soon.


03 May 2011


The finished DD painting for the upcoming Artboy VS Fanboy group exhibition

01 May 2011


Had a break from CBP-related work today to get started on a new painting for an upcoming group exhibition at Artboy Gallery (where the CBP exhibition will also be). It's the second chapter in their Artboy VS Fanboy series of group shows, with this one being all about comics.

This one still has more work to go on it, but I'm happy with the direction it's heading.