28 April 2011

Troublemaker Prelim

A quick sketch and basic PS colour layer, working out the composition and approach. A lot of the work I do is more present-tense and urban in theme and design, so things like this are always exciting to work on as they allow me to stretch different creative muscles.

26 April 2011

What Goes Where?

When I decided to produce works based on the last 3 CBP albums I wanted to do it in a way where the art itself was unique to each album. I immediately decided on framed illustration pieces for I, Vigilante, my illustrative style just seemed a perfect fit for the mood and themes of that album.

For The Resurrectionists I decided to approach them in a medium I've been using more and more of late, acrylic + sprayed stencils on wooden boards (this lets me work in a much larger scale).

Night Raiders is the 1 that I'm still working out, but it will be acrylic paintings, and be on either skateboard decks or canvases.

I'm also working on a huge central piece, which will be spread across 3 large wooden panels to be displayed in the front window of the gallery. The gallery in question, Artboy Gallery, is a space I hooked up with in recent months. The space is fantastic, as is the man who manages it, so I'm really looking forward to having my only exhibition for this year being on their walls.


23 April 2011

Exhibition Poster

The main exhibition promo piece (produced well ahead of the time it'll really be needed, but it's nice to have these things worked out early so my focus doesn't get dragged away from the art side of things too much as it gets closer to the exhibition). There will be a few little bits added to this once additional sponsorship is confirmed.

I might be doing a limited run of t-shirts featuring the main image from this as well, so if you'd like to reserve one then you can send me your details via the Contact Page on my website and I'll add you to the list.


22 April 2011

Promo Stuff

For previous exhibitions I've always used a piece of art from the show itself on all the promo material. While this works in regards to letting people know what's in store, it also means that when people visit the exhibition that piece loses a certain amount of impact as it's already been seen, on its own, outside of the context of the exhibition.

The image I'd previously posted was a work in progress to represent the song "Fantastic Justice", and while I like the central image the rest of it just wasn't sitting right with me. I also had a different idea for how to approach the song so decided to start on it from scratch.

Instead of the art being shoved away in cupboard I'll be making a few adjustments to it (adding some painted/stencil background elements) and will then use it on the promotional material. The hooded character will be appearing in a few of the pieces at the exhibition, so it's a good representation of the show in regards to theme and medium, but it means that anyone attending will be able to view all the art on hand with completely fresh eyes.

Everything I do generally starts life as an ink illustration, and from there I will often play around with colour themes in Photoshop before tackling it in the real world. Here's a quick colour sample (with possible text layout) for the exhibition poster.


21 April 2011

Some Info

The Justice Will Be So Fantastic is a collaboration with Crippled Black Phoenix. I'll be presenting 29 works in total, spanning the 3 albums Night Raider, The Resurrectionists, and I, Vigilante (1 piece per song, plus additional pieces representing each album as a whole and a centrepiece reflecting the entire exhibition).

To say I'm excited by this project would be a gross understatement. CBP's music has been a huge influence and inspiration for me and my art, and to be working closely with the band on this and other projects is a high point in my career (the highest point so far).

A special thanks goes out to Justin, who has made this and so many other new things possible.

And I'll leave you for now as I continue working on "Fantastic Justice" and start sketching up my plans for the "Troublemaker" piece (I'll have some snapshot to post up later today).


19 April 2011

Fantastic Justice (WIP)

For this exhibition I'm producing visual adaptations of songs by Crippled Black Phoenix, some more literal than others. There will be 3 albums represented, with the above WIP being Fantastic Justice from the I, Vigilante album.

You can hear this song (and buy all their albums) by going HERE or HERE.

17 April 2011

Daily Sketch Update

The daily sketches are continuing, but rather than continue to post them on my website, blog, and other locations, I'm going to stick to just putting them on my website HERE.

The blog will be taking on a new purpose as I'll be using it as an online journal to track the preparation of my next exhibition (which happens Sept 2011).

More on that soon.


13 April 2011

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04 April 2011

CBP Tour Poster

Poster produced for Crippled Black Phoenix's upcoming European tour.

Daily Sketch #123

03 April 2011

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