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20 March 2011

Daily SKetch #108

Red Cross Art Sale!

For the next 3 days all profits from original art sales at my Etsy store will be donated to the Red Cross. Click HERE to see what's available.



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12 March 2011

Daily Sketch #100

Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix's music plays constantly in my studio, a never-ending source of inspiration. The themes and concepts of their music are things that comfort and intrigue me, and often overlap into my own work. I'm working with the band to work on a few things. The above design will be available on a t-shirt for their upcoming tour, and this is just the beginning.


11 March 2011

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06 March 2011

Unfortunately, due to a few bumps in the road over the last couple of months, 4PMART (the project being managed by my wife and I) has slowed down a little. We’ve continued to work on various things which have been developing nicely and have me really excited. Over the last few years I’ve had a quite a few of Leroy’s non-t-shirt wearing female fans ask about other clothing options. Well he’ll soon be making his way over to a range of hand-made dresses and skirts (as well as screen-printed bags and other things). 4PMART will also be the banner under which the first Leroy sculpted bust/statue will be released (which will be in the second half of the year).

Over the last few years I’ve been self-publishing a few different art books, and have more on the way. These books will continue to be available via Lulu and other avenues, however in the next couple of weeks they’ll all be re-branded with this….

It’s a logical extension of what we have planned with 4PMART, and something we’ve been thinking about/planning for awhile now. Lonely Monsters will remain with FEC Comics, SVMT comics will go out via M+M, and the new Leroy comic will be living elsewhere, but aside from those books everything else I publish will now be under this banner (and there are plans for it to expand even further, but that’s awhile away yet).

April will be the big push for 4PMART, and we’ve got some fun stuff planned. So if you’re on FB you can hook up with us HERE or you can keep an eye on our blog HERE



Daily Sketch #94

05 March 2011

04 March 2011

Daily Sketch #92

FEC Comics Launch Update

Tomorrow (3pm – 7pm) I’ll be at The Little Mule Co. 19 Somerset Place in the Melbourne CBD with a bunch of other comic folks for the FEC comics launch.

FEC has taken over publishing Lonely Monsters (which means I can spend less time dealing with ‘business’ stuff and more time focusing on making new comics). Unfortunately there have been some issues with the shipment and there will only be a small number of Lonely Monsters graphic novels available on the day (at this point please take a moment of your time to help me curse US Customs and Comixpress). To help fill this void I’ll have a tonne of prints and original art on hand.

We’ll also be taking orders for Lonely Monsters which will be shipped out to people the moment it arrives on our shores. Anyone who orders a copy on the day will receive a disc that has a PDF of Lonely Monsters, as well as the PDF version of a new Leroy retrospective book which contains art from his inception in 2007 through to the current day.

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01 March 2011

Daily Sketch #89

Eldur - February Limited Print

The second print of the limited edition 2011 monthly print series.