29 April 2010

LM2 - PAGE08

Now available HERE

13 April 2010

New stuff dropping soon, keep your eyes peeled.


08 April 2010

06 April 2010


After an extended break LM2 is back for another dose of weekly webcomic wierdness, and appears to be evolving towards something resembling a coherent story!! Who knew?! Check it out HERE!

04 April 2010



Currently hard at work on 3 projects, on top of the usual t-shirt and print designs.

1 - Can't really say much, will be able to talk more about it in June. It involves monkeys.

2 - Again, can't say much, but hope to have more news soon. It involves capes.

3 - My next exhibition, details to be confirmed soon, along with some teasers. It involves tentacles.

Matt :-)