01 October 2014

Inktober 2014

Inktober is here again.  It's kind of strange when people ask if you're going to participate in a daily drawing type of event when you already draw every day.  It's a fun thing to take part in though, and a nice chance to try some different things with the inks.  Below is #inktober Day One.  I'll be adding pieces to the front page of my website.



12 June 2014


It's been way too long since I touched this blog so thought I'd jump on quickly to share some stuff.  I'm currently working on a few different things, mostly comic related, which I'll hopefully be able to share more of in the near-ish future.  Til then, here's a sample of a new collection of work I'm putting together for the next issue of the Home Brew Vampire Bullets anthology.

27 February 2014


04 February 2014

Ascend (Meninadanca Charity Print)

"Ascend" is a special print I produced for Meninadanca.  They're an orgnisation in Brazil who are doing amazing and important work with at-risk girls in Brazilian communities.  All profits from the sales of these prints is bring donated to help them with their cause.  Prints can be purchased HERE and HERE.