30 October 2011

Some Updates

Work on the new CBP album art will be wrapping up soon. It's been a fantastic project to be a part of, and there will be more of it in the future. Work also continues on a few different short comic stories, as well as preparations for the 23BROKENMACHINES online exhibition (which may also become a book). I have a few other books in the works as well, one of which will feature this guy....

It's a completely reworked book that I had started putting together earlier in the year, with a lot more now added to it.


05 October 2011


A small piece I recently did for an upcoming video game themed exhibition.

"An 80's Arcade Icon Wages A Jihad Against The Modern Gaming Era"

04 October 2011

Sketch Cards

While I hammer away at a few larger projects I'm going to start producing a stack of Leroy sketch cards (pencil, ink, inkwash) which I'll be selling online, probably at my Etsy store (which I haven't had a chance to use much for awhile now). When the first batch is ready I'll post up some pics and a link.