23 December 2009


After a few of the most draining weeks I've had in years it feels good to be back in the swing of exhibition preparations.


19 December 2009


18 December 2009

13 December 2009

12 December 2009


09 December 2009

06 December 2009

05 December 2009

04 December 2009

New Skatboards/Shirts/Hoodies Available

While I've found myself a very nice home at Redbubble there are 2 things that I want to design/produce that they don't have available yet. Decks and Hoodies!!!! So until RB get that up and running on their end I've set up a second home at Zazzle for such things. Check it out! I've got a couple of things up at the moment and am putting a bunch more together to upload over today and the weekend.

03 December 2009

28JAN10 Exhibition

More info soon

29 November 2009

25 November 2009

24 November 2009


All available at HERE

22 November 2009

14 November 2009

LM2 PAGE 01 (reboot)

After posting the first page of LM2 I decided that the colours/textures didn't work with the flow/pacing of the story. So I figured as it's the start of a new story I'd get it right, and here it is, the real page one of LM2.

LM2 is a weekly webcomic with new episodes going up every weekend.


12 November 2009



05 November 2009

27 October 2009


After floating from room to room (with my laptop and art supplies) during renovations the studio is finally finished and ready to be set up.

I can now work with much more elbow room and space to think.

23 October 2009

Golden Age

Putting things together for my 2010 exhibition, remembering and paying tribute to the long forgotten comic work of H. Fletcher. Should have a few teasers to post soon.

Until then, here are a few more prints now up at my redbubble site.


20 October 2009

One of a bunch of process prints I'm putting up at redbubble.

Knee-deep in preparations for the January exhibition I'm putting together. Should have some things to post up soon.

11 October 2009

October 17th

I'll be around at various points in the day/evening, with 2 pieces on display.

I won't be one of the artists giving a talk though, far too shy for those kinds of shenanigans.


30 September 2009

New Shirts

A few of the new tee's (and prints) now available at http://matthewdunnart.redbubble.com/

27 September 2009

Working like a mule and things are getting even busier. I'm knee-deep in a CD/Marketing design project while also playing catch-up with a few comic-related things. Went and checked out the space of a new art gallery opening up mid-October. It's a great space with huge walls and a projector set-up in the front window. I'll have a couple of new pieces in their opening show, followed by my own exhibition in early 2010. I'll post info as it's worked out.


23 September 2009

Online Again

This new piece is titled "It Took 12 Days To Finally Get My Damn Telephone And Internet Line Repaired!".

19 September 2009


So a week ago some workers cut my phone/internet lines while digging up the driveway, and they're still not repaired. A week full of frustrating conversations with Body Corporate Management and Telstra has nearly melted my brain, and I'm also behind on my regular online updates at various locations. The problem will (hopefully) be fixed by mid next week, so expect a shitload of new images and updates to appear.

I'm also behind in replying to emails and PM's at various locations, so to anyone waiting on a response I'll get back to you asap.


11 September 2009

2010 Calendar Now Available


A3 size (297x420mm)

I've been flat out working on something I don't want to jinx by discussing yet, fingers crossed.

01 September 2009


Growing up reading comics you tend to develop a fondness for superheroes that never goes away (Batman still being my favourite). I've always wanted to do something in that genre but never really felt my art would fit it. However I've worked out a way to make it fit my art, which is what I'm working on now (amongst other things). I'll post designs and sketches as I go.

The Armageddon Expo is coming up next month, always an interesting experience. Last time we went was great as we got to talk with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor, and also met Bruce Timm. However we spent a good chunk of our time creeping out over the middle-aged guy wandering around with his phone down at his side, taking upskirt photos of the younger Cosplay girls. So creepy.

25 August 2009

The Golden Age

Very busy at the moment. Here's a small teaser for a project that's still some time away from publication.

As I produce more designs and ideas for this I'll be adding them to the redbubble site (where I've been having a blast and meeting some great artists from all corners of the globe).

New T-Shirts Available


23 August 2009

Monkeys and other stuff

2 more pieces up at Redbubble (one of which was chosen as a featured image, proving that not only are monkeys a hell of a lot of fun to draw, but they're apparently appreciated by others).

More going up soon.

Went along to the"Visions Of The City" panel at the MWF. Some very interesting conversations regarding different aspects of sci-fi and other things. It was also nice to get to meet some of the Overland crew in person for the first time. Overland #196 is now available and features 5 full colour/full page artworks by yours truly (they're also reprinted in smaller form on the back of the book, something I didn't notice until my girlfriend pointed it out to me hehe).


21 August 2009


These 2 images are now available on prints/posters/etc/etc at
http://matthewdunnart.redbubble.com/ with more to be added soon.


18 August 2009

Overland launches this Saturday at 2:30pm as part of the MWF at Federation Square.

And James Jean is at Outre the same day at 3:30pm.

Then I'm having Japanese for dinner.

Should be a good day.

12 August 2009


Been busier than expected of late so the daily image will now be daily-ish.

More info and sneak peeks of the book soon.


07 August 2009

Lonely Monsters (Book 1) will soon be available at the VIC State Library (Arts section) for your viewing pleasure. 1 copy goes in their archives, and another hits the shelves to be borrowed and bashed and dog-eared.

The next issue of the Overland Literary Journal is released on August 22nd and contains 5 full page/colour pieces from yours truly.

All The Ships Had Holes will be available at the end of August, collecting a bunch of illustrations and comics. Details on how to score a copy will be available soon.


04 August 2009

02 August 2009

31 July 2009

30 July 2009

28 July 2009

26 July 2009

Started work on a new cover for the new book, featuring a skeleton bluesman, and was struck by the urge to give him some musical support in the form of a chimp playing the drums.

And here he is.


I've been too busy to maintain much of an online presence of late. That all changes from today though as I post the first of an ongoing series of "Daily Images". So if you pop in here every day you'll find something new (generally a snapshot of a portion of something I'm working on) with project updates scattered amongst it all.


22 July 2009


44 pages
some colour
some b&w
some comics
some drawings
some monkeys

coming soon.

10 July 2009

Update coming soon with info on the new book.

I've had a resurgance of interest in Lonely Monsters which might see the book going back to the printers sooner than expected. Thanks folks, hope you dig them zombies!

As always you can find clothing, prints, and the book at www.cartfly.com/lonelymonsters and www.cafepress.com/lonelymonsters


06 July 2009

Started something new today, this picture has nothing to do with it though. I'll post more info closer to release.

02 July 2009

With the Overland job now complete I'm catching up on a few other things.

Working on a proposal for a new comic series with a new publisher that would involve me stepping into new territor.

Also putting the finishing touches on a pencil piece for an upcoming group exhibition at 696.

New prints and t-shirts soon.

25 June 2009


Currently putting the finishing touches on a series of illustrations for Overland magazine. 4 internal full page images (each accompanying stories by 4 different writers). I'm also providing the cover. Here's the unused version, with the final one being quite similar (but more Melbourne-based).

20 June 2009

15 June 2009