21 May 2010

Original Art Sale!

I’ve got a bad habit of hoarding my art, usually because, unless it’s created for a specific exhibition, I don’t know what to do with it once it’s been scanned and worked into a t-shirt or print. So a lot of my art ends up sitting in a folder or drawer. I'll be selling these more regularly via an online store, and I’ve got a bunch of older stuff that I still need to sort though, so until then I thought I’d offer some more recent original ink illustrations up for sale.

Each piece is inked on A4 sized watercolour paper. I’m including postage in the price, so there’s a slight different between prices for those in Australia and everyone overseas. The prices are for Australian dollars as well.

Here’s the breakdown….

1 piece – $50 (Australia) $60 (Overseas)
2 pieces – $80 (Australia) $90 (overseas)

You can view all the available pieces HERE and if you're interested in anything drop me a line via matthewdunnart (AT) gmail.com




12 May 2010


Over the next few months I'll be having 2 exhibitions and taking part in a group exhibition as well.

First up will be the group exhibition being organised by the wonderful gang from Just To Annoy You, followed by "The Fortunate Life Of An Unfortunate Man", and then "Leroy". I'll have all the details for all of these shows available soon.

When combined with the Halftone Heroes exhibition from earlier this year this will mean that in the space of 1 year I'll have exhibited 3 times solo, each showcasing 1 of my 4 personal favourite creations. The 4th will finally be revealed in June, via this blog and a new blog that's launching.

Keep your eyes peeled.


10 May 2010

09 May 2010

08 May 2010

Everything's More Fun With Hoodies!!!

This design, known as "Everything's More Fun With Monkeys", continues to be my best selling design to date. And it's now available on Hoodies over at Redbubble. Click the image to check it out, or click
HERE to check out my Redbubble page.


New Leroy T-Shirts

01 May 2010


Getting closer to finally being able to post some images up from one of the larger projects I've been working on the last few months. As I continue to work on that and the upcoming July exhibition I'm also putting new work up at my Redbubble store on a regular basis. Here's something from today.

Online Book Store


New "Leroy" T-Shirt