28 September 2011


While work continues on the CBP album art I'm also putting together a short story for the Velocity comic anthology. I thought it would be fun to return to my first ever published comic story and redo it from scratch. It's not a simple case of re-drawing what's already there though. I've been able to find some more information on the old folk tale that the story was based on, so it's a total re-write and the final story is very different from the original. Here's a sneaky pic of the first page (minus text).


20 September 2011

19 September 2011

18 September 2011

For International/Interstate Folks

Throughout the preparation and showing of The Justice Will Be So Fantastic exhibition I received a lot of messages from people who don't dwell in Melbourne saying they wish they could attend. I've had some of those people also say that international shipping on large/framed/heavy items makes it difficult to buy some original art.

For quite some time I've been toying with the idea of doing an online-only exhibition, with all the art dropping in one big hit and being available to buy at the same time (unframed and easier to ship).

Seems like the perfect time to get this worked out. My focus is mostly on CBP-related work at the moment (which I'm having a total blast with), but over the next couple of months I'll be slowly putting together a new themed collection of work to post online, probably late November/early December.

More info soon, and thanks to everyone for the interest.


13 September 2011

Exhibition Book

A limited edition hardcover collecting all the art from the recent exhibition will soon be available to pre-order.  Each copy will come with a signed print and a page of concept sketches from my exhibition sketchbook.  There will only be 32 copies available.  The book will be 6inches x 9inches, 36 full colour pages, and will cost $50 shipped within Australia and $60 shipped anywhere else in the world.  If you'd like to reserve a copy you can do so by using the contact form on my website HERE.

08 September 2011

Exhibition Gallery

I've added a new gallery to my website featuring all the art from the recent "The Justice Will Be So Fantastic" exhibition. You can check it out HERE.

05 September 2011

Post-Exhibition Ramblings

A big thank you to everyone who made it along to last Friday's opening night for "The Justice Will Be So Fantastic". Response to the exhibition has been great. Artboy Gallery is the largest space I've exhibited in so far, and it was initially quite daunting as I started hanging the art on those long white walls. Thankfully I had the perfect amount of work completed, and it was a nice change for the art to have plenty of breathing room within a gallery set up.

Later this week I'll be posting photos of all the work from the show, until then here's a quick shot of one of my personal favourite pieces from it. This is 60cm x 55cm ink on wood. I'd worked on wood before (panels and skateboards) but always with paints. This was the first time I had used inks on wood and it turned out to be a very exciting medium to work with. I'll definitely be doing more of it in the future.

So what's next? The rest of September will be spent working on the art for the new Crippled Black Phoenix album as well as a couple of short comic stories for various upcoming anthologies. October I'll be getting a new art book together and diving much deeper into the new Leroy comic. And the wheels have already started turning for other things running through into 2012.