28 March 2012

Sketches Volume 2 Now Available

Click HERE to order a copy.

22 March 2012

Official Crippled Black Phoenix Merch

Update.  The old CBP merch store has closed down, a new place to score CBP clothing will be open soon.  Thanks.

19 March 2012

Poznan and other things

Below is the main section of art for the upcoming Crippled Black Phoenix "Live" album. It's a triple vinyl release, with the cover being quite different to the traditional gatefold packaging. To try and explain it would be as confusing as it was for me to design it, so I'll just post some photos of it once my copies arrive. The recording for this album is outstanding, definitely worth getting your hands on (if you can, it's a limited release, but I'll post info soon on where/when/how you can get it).

I'll have some new limited edition prints available soon as well, featuring all new art that hasn't been available elsewhere before. I've got some other things cooking on the print front as well which I should have info on soon.


13 March 2012

Rooftop (2012 edition)

When waiting for paint/ink to dry on new art I sometimes like to go back to older piece, rebuilding them from scratch. This is the latest re-work.

05 March 2012

The Big Bad Wolf

Quick snapshot of a new piece for an upcoming group exhibition (black and sepia ink on wood).

02 March 2012


One of my sisters, Kylie, has been running a great website dedicated to "A Year Of TED". As part of this I've been contributing artwork to accompany certain posts on the site. What she's doing over there is very cool and I'd recommend checking it out (just click on the below link).