30 September 2009

New Shirts

A few of the new tee's (and prints) now available at http://matthewdunnart.redbubble.com/

27 September 2009

Working like a mule and things are getting even busier. I'm knee-deep in a CD/Marketing design project while also playing catch-up with a few comic-related things. Went and checked out the space of a new art gallery opening up mid-October. It's a great space with huge walls and a projector set-up in the front window. I'll have a couple of new pieces in their opening show, followed by my own exhibition in early 2010. I'll post info as it's worked out.


23 September 2009

Online Again

This new piece is titled "It Took 12 Days To Finally Get My Damn Telephone And Internet Line Repaired!".

19 September 2009


So a week ago some workers cut my phone/internet lines while digging up the driveway, and they're still not repaired. A week full of frustrating conversations with Body Corporate Management and Telstra has nearly melted my brain, and I'm also behind on my regular online updates at various locations. The problem will (hopefully) be fixed by mid next week, so expect a shitload of new images and updates to appear.

I'm also behind in replying to emails and PM's at various locations, so to anyone waiting on a response I'll get back to you asap.


11 September 2009

2010 Calendar Now Available


A3 size (297x420mm)

I've been flat out working on something I don't want to jinx by discussing yet, fingers crossed.

01 September 2009


Growing up reading comics you tend to develop a fondness for superheroes that never goes away (Batman still being my favourite). I've always wanted to do something in that genre but never really felt my art would fit it. However I've worked out a way to make it fit my art, which is what I'm working on now (amongst other things). I'll post designs and sketches as I go.

The Armageddon Expo is coming up next month, always an interesting experience. Last time we went was great as we got to talk with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor, and also met Bruce Timm. However we spent a good chunk of our time creeping out over the middle-aged guy wandering around with his phone down at his side, taking upskirt photos of the younger Cosplay girls. So creepy.