31 July 2009

30 July 2009

28 July 2009

26 July 2009

Started work on a new cover for the new book, featuring a skeleton bluesman, and was struck by the urge to give him some musical support in the form of a chimp playing the drums.

And here he is.


I've been too busy to maintain much of an online presence of late. That all changes from today though as I post the first of an ongoing series of "Daily Images". So if you pop in here every day you'll find something new (generally a snapshot of a portion of something I'm working on) with project updates scattered amongst it all.


22 July 2009


44 pages
some colour
some b&w
some comics
some drawings
some monkeys

coming soon.

10 July 2009

Update coming soon with info on the new book.

I've had a resurgance of interest in Lonely Monsters which might see the book going back to the printers sooner than expected. Thanks folks, hope you dig them zombies!

As always you can find clothing, prints, and the book at www.cartfly.com/lonelymonsters and www.cafepress.com/lonelymonsters


06 July 2009

Started something new today, this picture has nothing to do with it though. I'll post more info closer to release.

02 July 2009

With the Overland job now complete I'm catching up on a few other things.

Working on a proposal for a new comic series with a new publisher that would involve me stepping into new territor.

Also putting the finishing touches on a pencil piece for an upcoming group exhibition at 696.

New prints and t-shirts soon.