14 November 2009

LM2 PAGE 01 (reboot)

After posting the first page of LM2 I decided that the colours/textures didn't work with the flow/pacing of the story. So I figured as it's the start of a new story I'd get it right, and here it is, the real page one of LM2.

LM2 is a weekly webcomic with new episodes going up every weekend.



  1. Where can we read LM2?

    Love the art, it's like Mike Mignola and Banksy had a child that was raised on Godspeed You Black Emperor! and grainy Italian zombie movies.

  2. What a great compliment :-)

    You can read LM2 here, once a week, and I plan on eventually collecting it in print. But for now you can get it every weekend right here on my blog for free.