20 March 2010

Online Stuff

I'm streamlining some of my online activities. Now that I've got www.matthewdunnart.com up and running I'm finding other things just double up my work. I'll be shutting down Facebook (since they last upgraded it my poor laptop hasn't been happy going there, most the time it won't even let me click to accept requests or reply to messages). So the official site is the main place to peep out my stuff. I'm also over at redbubble regularly uploading new work on t-shirts/prints and checking out all the other great work that's going on over there. This blog will remain active and be updated regularly as well.

But for more random shit and general ranting you can follow me over at twitter

One of the larger projects I'm working on at the moment is taking up a lot of my time right now, and will do so well into next year. Unfortunately I can't show any of the work for awhile as when it kicks off we want people to see it with fresh eyes in its full crazy glory (although if you're in Beijing around the middle of this year you might be able to see a sneak peek).

It'll be worth the wait though :-)

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