21 May 2010

Original Art Sale!

I’ve got a bad habit of hoarding my art, usually because, unless it’s created for a specific exhibition, I don’t know what to do with it once it’s been scanned and worked into a t-shirt or print. So a lot of my art ends up sitting in a folder or drawer. I'll be selling these more regularly via an online store, and I’ve got a bunch of older stuff that I still need to sort though, so until then I thought I’d offer some more recent original ink illustrations up for sale.

Each piece is inked on A4 sized watercolour paper. I’m including postage in the price, so there’s a slight different between prices for those in Australia and everyone overseas. The prices are for Australian dollars as well.

Here’s the breakdown….

1 piece – $50 (Australia) $60 (Overseas)
2 pieces – $80 (Australia) $90 (overseas)

You can view all the available pieces HERE and if you're interested in anything drop me a line via matthewdunnart (AT) gmail.com



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