19 October 2010

What's Going On?

It's been a hectic few months around the Dunn household. Back to back exhibitions are over and, minus the usual stress that seems to come with gallery exhibitions, they were a great success. It was an interesting experiment to do 2 exhibitions so close together, but I don't think I'll be doing that again in the future, far too exhausting, especially as I was also doing the usual art and design work for t-shirts, toys, comics, etc, etc.

I had my solid break from work in a few years, just over a week away from the drawing table, which helped me to recharge my batteries and reconsider my approach to various projects. At this stage I won't be having another exhibition until the 2nd quarter of next year, too busy with comic and toy projects that are all picking up steam.

But you never know, things might change. My next exhibition will more than likely be outside of the usual gallery set-up though, time to try something new and do it on my own terms.

I'm reworking the website at the moment as well, should have that all sorted out in the next couple of days. The Lonely Hunter book (collecting all the art from the recent exhibition) will also be available soon. It'll be packaged as 2 x 100 page books. 1 sepia-toned and 1 black and white. The first 50 orders will also receive an original Leroy ink piece. More info soon.


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  1. And of course you made an honest woman out of the lovely woman who puts up with all of the odd hours and workaholic tendencies :-)