04 March 2011

FEC Comics Launch Update

Tomorrow (3pm – 7pm) I’ll be at The Little Mule Co. 19 Somerset Place in the Melbourne CBD with a bunch of other comic folks for the FEC comics launch.

FEC has taken over publishing Lonely Monsters (which means I can spend less time dealing with ‘business’ stuff and more time focusing on making new comics). Unfortunately there have been some issues with the shipment and there will only be a small number of Lonely Monsters graphic novels available on the day (at this point please take a moment of your time to help me curse US Customs and Comixpress). To help fill this void I’ll have a tonne of prints and original art on hand.

We’ll also be taking orders for Lonely Monsters which will be shipped out to people the moment it arrives on our shores. Anyone who orders a copy on the day will receive a disc that has a PDF of Lonely Monsters, as well as the PDF version of a new Leroy retrospective book which contains art from his inception in 2007 through to the current day.

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