10 January 2012

The End Of The Beginning

Back in 2007 I started working on a comic titled "Lonely Monsters". Initially it was going to be a mini-series, but then evolved into a 140 page graphic novel. One of the characters created for the book was a gas mask wearing gentleman named "Leroy", who was initially going to die a few pages after he appeared. That changed however, and he went on to become the main character of the story, and is the central character of a new comic series that I'm currently working on.

But a lot has changed since Lonely Monsters was made, both in relation to the character of Leroy and my own approach to art and writing. The new series delves into his past, present, and also presents a small taste of his future. The character has grown into something far beyond my initial plans for him (which were simply me wanting to draw a slightly unhinged guy in a hoodie, gas mask and sneakers). For these and a number of other reasons Lonely Monsters will soon be ending its run as a published comic.

It's been a fun and interesting journey, and the book has traveled quite a bit. After selling out of the initial print run the book was put up on Lulu, where it outsold the initial run, before then going over to be part of FEC comics for their launch in early 2011. The current print run through FEC will be the final print run of Lonely Monsters in its current form, so if you're wanting to get a copy of Leroy's first comic appearance in print then this could possibly be your last chance.

And to make the final run a bit more interesting I'm going to run a competition (for anyone who already owns a copy of Lonely Monsters and anyone who now buys one). Email a photo of yourself holding the book to lonelymonsters(at)gmail.com and, once the final print run is sold out, I'll pull 2 photos out of a hat. The owner of the first photo will receive a page of original art from Lonely Monsters (which is a rare moment as I've clung onto most of the original art from the series), and the second person will receive a copy of the sold-out first printing of Lonely Monsters (which had over 50 pages of bonus art) that will have a sketch inside the front cover.

You can purchase copies of Lonely Monsters online HERE or pick it up at most Melbourne-based comic shops.

In the near future I'll start to share some of the work from the new Leroy comic. I'm incredibly excited about where this one is going, and I'm thrilled to have inker Mick Gray working with me on the flashback sequences that appear throughout the book. Mick's currently working on Batman & Robin, and has previously inked a number of my favourite comics including Promethea and Chase.

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported Lonely Monsters from day one. I hope you all stick for Leroy's next adventure, it's a doozy.


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