10 August 2010

Exhibition Theft!

I was shocked today to receive a call from the gallery I'm currently exhibiting with advising me that someone had stolen the "Unfortunate Man" custom toy that was part of the show. This was the only thing on display that wasn't for sale, and that's because it was made for me by my M+M art/toy partner KidAkira and I loved it so much that I wanted to keep it in my personal collection. Unfortunately some evil bastard has decided that it doesn't belong with me. I've NEVER had anything stolen from an open exhibition before, it's a startling and sad situation that I hope to never experience again.

I know the chances of me ever getting him back are incredible slim. But if anyone does happen to see him appear in any online forums, ebay, shops, etc, etc please contact me and let me know as it would mean a great deal to have him returned.

This was him, Mortimor - The Unfortunate Man (a now somewhat ironic name)

1 comment:

  1. wow that's crazy news... maybe he will become a famous icon like that travelling garden gnome... keep us posted!