18 September 2011

For International/Interstate Folks

Throughout the preparation and showing of The Justice Will Be So Fantastic exhibition I received a lot of messages from people who don't dwell in Melbourne saying they wish they could attend. I've had some of those people also say that international shipping on large/framed/heavy items makes it difficult to buy some original art.

For quite some time I've been toying with the idea of doing an online-only exhibition, with all the art dropping in one big hit and being available to buy at the same time (unframed and easier to ship).

Seems like the perfect time to get this worked out. My focus is mostly on CBP-related work at the moment (which I'm having a total blast with), but over the next couple of months I'll be slowly putting together a new themed collection of work to post online, probably late November/early December.

More info soon, and thanks to everyone for the interest.


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