21 April 2011

Some Info

The Justice Will Be So Fantastic is a collaboration with Crippled Black Phoenix. I'll be presenting 29 works in total, spanning the 3 albums Night Raider, The Resurrectionists, and I, Vigilante (1 piece per song, plus additional pieces representing each album as a whole and a centrepiece reflecting the entire exhibition).

To say I'm excited by this project would be a gross understatement. CBP's music has been a huge influence and inspiration for me and my art, and to be working closely with the band on this and other projects is a high point in my career (the highest point so far).

A special thanks goes out to Justin, who has made this and so many other new things possible.

And I'll leave you for now as I continue working on "Fantastic Justice" and start sketching up my plans for the "Troublemaker" piece (I'll have some snapshot to post up later today).


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