26 April 2011

What Goes Where?

When I decided to produce works based on the last 3 CBP albums I wanted to do it in a way where the art itself was unique to each album. I immediately decided on framed illustration pieces for I, Vigilante, my illustrative style just seemed a perfect fit for the mood and themes of that album.

For The Resurrectionists I decided to approach them in a medium I've been using more and more of late, acrylic + sprayed stencils on wooden boards (this lets me work in a much larger scale).

Night Raiders is the 1 that I'm still working out, but it will be acrylic paintings, and be on either skateboard decks or canvases.

I'm also working on a huge central piece, which will be spread across 3 large wooden panels to be displayed in the front window of the gallery. The gallery in question, Artboy Gallery, is a space I hooked up with in recent months. The space is fantastic, as is the man who manages it, so I'm really looking forward to having my only exhibition for this year being on their walls.


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