22 April 2011

Promo Stuff

For previous exhibitions I've always used a piece of art from the show itself on all the promo material. While this works in regards to letting people know what's in store, it also means that when people visit the exhibition that piece loses a certain amount of impact as it's already been seen, on its own, outside of the context of the exhibition.

The image I'd previously posted was a work in progress to represent the song "Fantastic Justice", and while I like the central image the rest of it just wasn't sitting right with me. I also had a different idea for how to approach the song so decided to start on it from scratch.

Instead of the art being shoved away in cupboard I'll be making a few adjustments to it (adding some painted/stencil background elements) and will then use it on the promotional material. The hooded character will be appearing in a few of the pieces at the exhibition, so it's a good representation of the show in regards to theme and medium, but it means that anyone attending will be able to view all the art on hand with completely fresh eyes.

Everything I do generally starts life as an ink illustration, and from there I will often play around with colour themes in Photoshop before tackling it in the real world. Here's a quick colour sample (with possible text layout) for the exhibition poster.


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