19 June 2011

Old Stuff + New Stuff

With a few hundred pieces of art currently being available on various art/POD sites I've decided it's time to go through and do a major cull of some work. Some of the older pieces are still relevant to what I'm doing/where I'm going, but other pieces seem like distant memories that serve no purpose and blur creative clarity. So over the next couple of weeks I'll be cutting a lot of them out (many of them will stay in the galleries of my website though, in an archive or sorts).

While my focus is dedicated to a couple of important projects at the moment I'm also starting to rough out ideas and themes for a new series of t-shirts and prints. Taking some themes I've previously worked with but pushing them in a different direction.

I've also got a few of my existing shirts going up at a new online t-shirt store soon. I'll post the website details when they launch.


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